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An entrant in the Iron Chef:Something Awful competition.
Venison Bourguignon by Wizzle
Lamb Loin Chops with Savory Bread Pudding by rojay
ICSA: Lamb and Zucchini Stew, and Twice Baked Squash by Bitter Milton
Lamb stew, lazy peasant style by jailbait#3
Spicy Venison Cacciatore by Mack the Knife
Mexican Tomato by TheGreats
Lamb and Chick Peas over Rice, Indian Stylin' by shakerpenguin
Cornish Pastie - oooaaar! (56K pics) by KiwiBoi
Easiest pizza dough EVER!! Breadmaker pizza dough. by NosmoKing
Hand made pizza from scratch! by rhyme
The world's BEST club sandwich. by Koshka
Honey glazed lamb fillets (56k broiled) by Camrath
Cookin time with Linux Assassin 2: Lamb curry (56k no) by Linux Assassin
BBQ Rat with Lime Jalepeno Sauce by MonkeyPirate
Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza [56k: worth the wait] by horseblow.avi
Lamb Cutlets [56k fluffy little white lamb] by mysticp
Rendiew's Random Recipe - Roo. by Rendiew
"Braised" lamb with pasta and vegetables. by jollygrinch

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