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An entrant in the Iron Chef:Something Awful competition.
I must be crazy... making homemade baked Char Siu Bao (Hum Bao)! 56k no by kiteless
Sausage and Potato Supper by Lawen
ICSA4: The Best Fucking Ham and Beans by GodsMullet
ICSA 4: Baked Beans. by Wolf
ICSA 4: White Bean Soup with Pancetta and Rosemary (56k NO SOUP FOR YOU!) by timbit
Trip report: Latin-style roast pork [56k no] by Pr0k
fiery pork patties by fargelsnarf
ICSA R3: Sour Sausage&Squash Satchet Suprise on Saffron Rice by fritz
IC3: A Humble, Dorm-Made Pasta w/ Zucchini and Squash Meat Sauce by Rasheed
Braised Ribs and Gremolata Pasta by Automatik
My first recipe: Ma Po Tofu by PsychoAndy
Watch me make calzone for the very first time by DigitalD
Ginger pickled green tomato with oven baked szechuan pork. by totallyunoriginal
tomatos? Italian food? you don't say by HoChiWaWa
Figs wrapped in prosciutto by theworkhorse
Real men don't eat quiche, but I'm not a real man - Quiche Lorraine by (_i_)
Egg Puff Pastry Roll in an Asparagus Nest by GodsMullet
Scotch Eggs (Baked) by Accipiter
char siu and shu mai by theworkhorse
The Breakfast Log by p00nlog
Bacon and Egg Sandwiches, And Hash Browns [56k Oh My!] by eller
Sausage Balls by CommanderApaul
Bet you never had a Grilled Cheese like this before (56k no) by Crackatastic
The Hot Dog Rollup, Outdone? by Prometheus
From the easy impressive file: Panko Pork [900KB images] by CapnBry
Pork Sausage Cabbage Roll-Ups by Accipiter
Best Sandwich ever [56k no] by Dark Helmet
Johnny Gattuso's Baked Ziti You Can't Refuse [56k no] by agentseven
Shaker's Fuckton Pasta (56k no) by shakerpenguin
Hot Dog Roll-Up: The Post-Apocalyptic BBQ Breakfast Edition (56k no) by mooflyfoof
pookrat makes Cheap and Easy Sausage Cajun Creole!!! (pic heavy) by pookrat
I smoked meat all day and it was awesome. (56k no) by Cthuluburger
The world's BEST club sandwich. by Koshka
poppy makes stuffed peppers by poppymouse
poppy makes potstickers by poppymouse
Teriyaki Pork & Vegetable Stir Fry with Fried Rice by Prowler
Pork Char Siu - Cantonese Style Roasted Pork by Jagtpanther
Let's make Okonomiyaki, also known as Japanese pizza! (56k no) by Box Dog
Sweet and sour pork (56k no) by Fiendish Ghoul
Racks of Pork Ribs by sdot
The hot dog rollup isn't that filling. (56k no) by hawk989s
clownshoe makes some awesome pizza. (56k no) by clownshoe
Red Beans and Rice [56K no] by Flakbait
GoonCon Chicken and Sausage Gumbo (56K gets the runs) by ClownSuitCowboy
Beer Bratwursts, with real beer! [56k no] by Fatal
Hangover cure heart failure breakfast bonanza by Tom D
How to cook a large mammal [56k no] by Gaul
Lemongrass Pork with Vegetables and Noodles by cherryspecial
Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza [56k: worth the wait] by horseblow.avi
Baked pork tenderloin with bacon, onions and potatoes by `Nemesis
Delicious pork tamales [56k eats Taco Bell] by mofolotopo
An illustrated guide to perfect bbq ribs. [56k: lots of pics] by chryst
Spicy sausage and bacon with curry couscous! (56k nein) by Capt. Disturbing
Pork Chops by doctor_god
Fried Rice in 15 Minutes! (56k Takes Much Longer) by _Liquid_Flame_
Lets make Pork Chops with Rice and Tomatoes! by Rorek
A Mighty Breakfast! by Wasabi
A sort of spaghetti carbonara by Irn-Bru
Gyoza by GodsMullet
The Ham-filled Pineapple. An exercise in deliciousness. by stuph
Pasta Al Sugo Di Salcisse (pasta with sausage sauce) by Turkish
Pork with Blackberry Gastrique and Mango Salsa by criscodisco
I just made breakfast for GBS! by RealDealNamowicz
Spaghetti alla Napoleon! by Col.Kiwi
Slow-cooked smoked pork by CapnBry

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