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An entrant in the Iron Chef:Something Awful competition.
ICSA4: Beans -- Red Bean Paste Buns by Pfil
Green Bean Casserole by Accipiter
ICSA 4: Cucumber Rounds with Hummus & Yogurt by jollygrinch
ICSA 4: Fried burrito w/ Moros y Cristianos filler by Hammu-rob-i
Potato Farls, aka Fried Starch Bombs by Bitter Milton
You Make Lucky Tasty Spring Rolls! [56k go buy frozen] by Garaphin
IC3: Acorn Squash gnocchi, sugar loaf with glazed winter veg, and Pilaf by magnetic
ICSA 3: Stuffed Zucchini with Butternut Squash Soup by Iris of Ether
IC3: Zucchini Ripieni al Forno con una insalata e una crema by m5
Vegetables, Meat, and mashed squash medley. by PeaceLandAndHed
IC3: Butternut Squash Pasta, and more by Wizzle
ICSA3: Fresh pumpkin gnocchi ; Fall salad w/ pepitas; Pumpkin mousse by kiteless
goddam delicious Eggplant Parmigiana by Mack the Knife
Mexican Tomato by TheGreats
Tomato pie by theworkhorse
Tomato Tartlets! by jollygrinch
Tilapia w/ Tomato-Onion Compote & Tomato Coulis and More by Lawen
Tomato, potato, and zucchini tart by (_i_)
tomatos? Italian food? you don't say by HoChiWaWa
Bruschetta 3 ways. by NosmoKing
For you "I don't know how to cook" posters, here's a simple dish. by NosmoKing
Tofu veggie hippie crap by criscodisco
Omelet Soufflé w/ Dark Cherries and Mascarpone Honey Sauce by Daremyth
Stilton souffle with a zesty orange sauce by Rimmer
Mushroom Egg Foo Yong by pfil
Sliced Frittata Salad by RobertLeeYates
Three cheese omelette with Chermoula by Mola Yam
Get your kilts on, it's time for potato scones! by Yog-Sothoth
Dante's Inferno vegetarian taco dip (image heavy!) by Herr Lipp
painfully simple and absolutely delicious Insalata Caprese (yaypictures!) by bananna fish
Asian-Style Honey Vegetable Stir Fry, with girlfriend forced labor! 56K no by loosenukes
Scallion pancake time with The Linux Fairy and kalenedrael by The Linux Fairy
Garlic Cheese Bread, Restaurant-Style! (56k no) by FoonyMan
Chili Powder [56k no] by HoChiWaWa
Cheese and tomato omelette with mushroom sauce! [56k no] by Riot Pig
Luxury mushroom sandwich (56k no) by megaburt
Fire-roasted tomatillo salsa [56K get burned] by BabyArm
Easy Pesto! by Jefreywith1f
Freedom Toast. You call it French Toast? Why do you hate freedom? by NosmoKing
Let's make vegetarian Couscous Salad! (56k no) by lollipopgestapo
Easiest pizza dough EVER!! Breadmaker pizza dough. by NosmoKing
Extreme scrambled eggs. by euGee
Hot Corn Dip for friends by criscodisco
Grilled Cheese and Carrot Sandwiches [56k no] by ih8ualot
Hand made pizza from scratch! by rhyme
Potato and Vegetable Frittata [56k no] by Strict 9
I will give you and your friends heart disease now. by ChlamydiaJones
Sautee some Shrooms [56k no] by bblaze
Let's make simple bachelor pasta! (56k no) by megaburt
Late night pizza party- Anarcho-Pie! by Arson Equity
Making Lefse (56k no) by Antimeria
Yummy Cheese and Spinach Manicotti (56kno) by poppymouse
Lets Make Latkes [56k no] by itismejs
Cajun Fettucini Alfredo w/ Optional Shrimp [56K Eats Ramen] by John Matrix
Vegetarian Black Bean Chili by h_double
Mushroom Quesadillas [56k no] by diabolik
marinated portobello mushroom burgers! [veggie] 56k no by trufflepig
Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza [56k: worth the wait] by horseblow.avi
Latkes: Potato Pancaked [56k no] by DeusExMachina
Homemade "Veggie" Fried Rice [56k washes the dishes] by AlwaysaNewName
Making an omlete by GodsMullet
Basic Rectangle Pizza (56k too basic) by ginger pubes
Cooking with Jp: Chicken Pad Thai/One step Vegetarian Alternative Version by Jpfan01
Let's make Parmesan-gratinated potatoes! by FlipMo
Street Food! Mysore Masala Dosa with cheese by vahishta
Choose Your Own Cooking Adventure-Coconut Tofu Or Shrimp by derMoerder
Aglio, olio, e peperoncino by compressioncut
Pesto Cream Rotini with Asparagus by Fistgrrl
Beans on Toast by shep
Delicious Curried Spinach and Potato by Feather
Chipotle Pesto Pasta by Fistgrrl
Step-by-Step Vegetable Curry! by Jagtpanther
Lazy Noodles by Bosko

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