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An entrant in the Iron Chef:Something Awful competition.
Bite-size Bonanza - Cheesy Spicy Scones by Carrot Cake new
I must be crazy... making homemade baked Char Siu Bao (Hum Bao)! 56k no by kiteless new
Cranberry Walnut Bread by Lauren HaguPie new
Sausage and Potato Supper by Lawen new
Chicken Adobo by Tuxedo Gin new
Saucy Curry Chicken and Tagliatelle in less than 20 mins. by General Venereal new
ICSA 4: White Chicken Chili by NosmoKing new
ICSA4: Fancy Huevos Rancheros by Lawen new 3rd Place!
Thai Chilli Pepper Beef by fargelsnarf new
ICSA4: The Best Fucking Ham and Beans by GodsMullet new 2nd Place!
Ginger Chicken Teppan (Ninja food) by Idimmu new
ICSA 4: Baked Beans. by Wolf new
ICSA R4: Lentil&Chicken Curry by fritz new
Roast Brined Chicken, Ricotta-Stuffed Cabbage, and Mushroom Rice by (_i_) new
Two holiday tarts. by jollygrinch new
ICSA4: Beans -- Red Bean Paste Buns by Pfil new
Tom Kha Gai by fargelsnarf new
ICSA 4: White Bean Soup with Pancetta and Rosemary (56k NO SOUP FOR YOU!) by timbit new
ICSA4: Stuffed Avocados with Black Bean Nachos by glasyalabolas new
ICSA 4: Chick peas and tuna with spicey black bean sauce by Acinonyx new
Green Bean Casserole by Accipiter new
ICSA4: Triple Layer Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ganache Tart by kiteless new 1st Place!
ICSA 4: Cucumber Rounds with Hummus & Yogurt by jollygrinch new
ICSA 4: Fried burrito w/ Moros y Cristianos filler by Hammu-rob-i new
Seafood-Broccoli Quiche by GodsMullet new
Thai Hot and Sour Chicken Soup by fargelsnarf new
Iced Goon Biscuits by Earbeard new
Tuna steaks with ginger lime sauce by criscodisco new
Pasta and Chicken in Vodka Sauce by shakerpenguin new
ICSA 4: Black and white bean soup [56k sorry about the gas!] by eller new
Dinner report: Tilapia with mango salsa, sauteed mushrooms w/spinach by Rashaverak new
n00b creates culinary delight [56k stuffs its stomach and gets sick] by nlao
Venison Bourguignon by Wizzle
Potato Farls, aka Fried Starch Bombs by Bitter Milton
Yee-haw! It's time for a chili thread! Vegetarian option available. by Eronarn
Chicken Paprikash (Paprikas Csirke) with added HOT Spaetzle action by squirrellypoo
Krist-Chan and Lita-Bear make Chocolate Chunk & Cranberry Cookies by kristchan
Trip report: Latin-style roast pork [56k no] by Pr0k
Autumn Comfort Food: Lasagna [56k Garfield Get Out!] by eller
Tarte Tatin ( An apple pie) - Image heavy by magnetic
SAIC3.....Almost: Stuffed Blue Crab, Bento Box , and Stuffed Sugar Pumpkin by TheGreats
You Make Lucky Tasty Spring Rolls! [56k go buy frozen] by Garaphin
fiery pork patties by fargelsnarf
Lamb Loin Chops with Savory Bread Pudding by rojay
Thai Spiced Pumpkin Soup by fargelsnarf
Pumpkin Soup with Mussels [56k no soup for you] by eller
ICSA3: Pumpkin Creme Brulee by The Jizzer
Pumpkin Cheesecake, with real pumpkin by criscodisco 3rd Place!
ICSA: Lamb and Zucchini Stew, and Twice Baked Squash by Bitter Milton
ICSA R3: Sour Sausage&Squash Satchet Suprise on Saffron Rice by fritz
ICSA3: Zucchini Ravioli, Butternut Soup, and Pumpkin Fritters by GodsMullet 2nd Place!
IC3: Acorn Squash gnocchi, sugar loaf with glazed winter veg, and Pilaf by magnetic
ICSA 3: Stuffed Zucchini with Butternut Squash Soup by Iris of Ether
IC3: Zucchini Ripieni al Forno con una insalata e una crema by m5
IC3: A Humble, Dorm-Made Pasta w/ Zucchini and Squash Meat Sauce by Rasheed
ICSA 3: Curried Butternut Squash Bisque with Roasted Red Pepper Coulis by Insparkle
Vegetables, Meat, and mashed squash medley. by PeaceLandAndHed
IC3: Butternut Squash Pasta, and more by Wizzle
ICSA3: Fresh pumpkin gnocchi ; Fall salad w/ pepitas; Pumpkin mousse by kiteless 1st Place!
Chicken with White Wine and Garlic by Wapp
Traditional Meat and Potato pie. by AceClown
Chili Dogs. YUM! by Rok
Moroccan Chicken with Dates and Apples by The Jizzer
Braised Ribs and Gremolata Pasta by Automatik
goddam delicious Eggplant Parmigiana by Mack the Knife
Chicken roulades filled with gruyere and parsley by theworkhorse
Rabo de Toro by Schlafsack
Carrot cake upside your head by criscodisco
Flambe Shrimp Mandarin over Rice by GodsMullet
My first recipe: Ma Po Tofu by PsychoAndy
Lamb stew, lazy peasant style by jailbait#3
Cooking with Jp Vol 2: General Tso's Chicken by Jpfan01
Wiener Schnitzel with German Red Cabbage by Accipiter
Pierogi! Fun for the whole family. [So image heavy] by munki
Spicy Venison Cacciatore by Mack the Knife
Watch me make calzone for the very first time by DigitalD
Chinese Drumsticks Tutorial by Joop
German/Lemon/Egg Pancakes by Fish
Gourmet Tuna Sammiches (56K - Maybe) by JoeCitizen
Super Lemony Summer Shrimp Salad [56k negative] by agentseven
Italian Wedding Soup by Accipiter
Mexican Tomato by TheGreats
Tomato pie by theworkhorse
Italian-style fried rice by orborborb
Tomato Tartlets! by jollygrinch
Tilapia w/ Tomato-Onion Compote & Tomato Coulis and More by Lawen 3rd Place!
Shrimp, Tomato, Zucchini and Eggplant Sauté over Creole Rice by GodsMullet 2nd Place!
Bistecca Bruschetta by Ahh Yes
Ginger pickled green tomato with oven baked szechuan pork. by totallyunoriginal
Tomato and Crab Bisque with Caprese Salad by eller
Tomato Bisque by Accipiter
Tomato, potato, and zucchini tart by (_i_)
tomatos? Italian food? you don't say by HoChiWaWa 1st Place!
Bruschetta 3 ways. by NosmoKing
For you "I don't know how to cook" posters, here's a simple dish. by NosmoKing
Tofu veggie hippie crap by criscodisco
Figs wrapped in prosciutto by theworkhorse
Thai Food: Hot & Sour Seafood Soup and Basil Chicken by Sebastian
Shaker's with bonus Nachos! by shakerpenguin
Cocoa Krispie Peanut Butter Roll Cookies (Image Heavy) by Starhawk
Don't go to Cinnabon - make your own cinnamon rolls [56k no] by Wench
Real men don't eat quiche, but I'm not a real man - Quiche Lorraine by (_i_)
Freshly caught cajun fried flounder by fRyfRy
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms w/ bonus mom conversation by shakerpenguin
Lamb and Chick Peas over Rice, Indian Stylin' by shakerpenguin
Cornish Pastie - oooaaar! (56K pics) by KiwiBoi
Blueberry Burger by Mr. Sebastian
Ricotta Blueberry Cake (56k gets crumbs) by toplitzin
Best damn chocolate chip cookies ever by criscodisco
Cocoa Krispie Peanut Butter Roll Cookies (Image Heavy) by Starhawk
Chicken Curry Rice by acobus Spades
Egg Puff Pastry Roll in an Asparagus Nest by GodsMullet 1st Place!
Scotch Eggs (Baked) by Accipiter 3rd Place!
Omelet Soufflé w/ Dark Cherries and Mascarpone Honey Sauce by Daremyth
Stilton souffle with a zesty orange sauce by Rimmer
Mushroom Egg Foo Yong by pfil
Sliced Frittata Salad by RobertLeeYates
Three cheese omelette with Chermoula by Mola Yam
Meringue cups with lemon curd filling and raspberry coulis by NosmoKing 2nd Place!
char siu and shu mai by theworkhorse
Get your kilts on, it's time for potato scones! by Yog-Sothoth
Mayonnaised Grouper Scampi by CapnBry
Let's make some sushi. by SilentDeath
Dante's Inferno vegetarian taco dip (image heavy!) by Herr Lipp
XXL Chicken Spinach Mozeralla Hot Pockets thingy (56k no) by bobomb
Apple and Custard Cake by Dori
Ice cream to die from: Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Swirl by Kung-Fu Jesus
Barbecue Beef Brisket [35 thumbnails] by RandyF
Confectionery 101 - Caramel Sauce by Daremyth
Bisquick? We don't need no STEEENKING Bisquick!!! Pancakes from scratch. by NosmoKing
Easy panini, for those with a spare brick but no sandwich press by Lambeco
The Perfect Reuben by GodsMullet
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake by Planet X
painfully simple and absolutely delicious Insalata Caprese (yaypictures!) by bananna fish
The Breakfast Log by p00nlog
Mimicking an Iron Chef (America) dish by Pfil
Chicken Fajitas, Gringo Style by Agent 86
Citrus Eccles Cakes by Jobbernowl
A tale of fisting, strange insertions, smoking (and chickens) by NosmoKing
Spiced Beef Pitas with Onions and Parsley Sauce by Accipiter
Risotto should be fucking illegal it's so good. Also, smoked chicken. by Hey, Zeus!
Asian-Style Honey Vegetable Stir Fry, with girlfriend forced labor! 56K no by loosenukes
Bacon and Egg Sandwiches, And Hash Browns [56k Oh My!] by eller
Scallion pancake time with The Linux Fairy and kalenedrael by The Linux Fairy
Lets make a healthy fruit smoothie that will knock you on your ass by atolleso
Cream of Peanut Soup - that's right; PEANUT SOUP BITCHES! by ChlamydiaJones
Garlic Cheese Bread, Restaurant-Style! (56k no) by FoonyMan
Chili Powder [56k no] by HoChiWaWa
Cheese and tomato omelette with mushroom sauce! [56k no] by Riot Pig
Sausage Balls by CommanderApaul
Luxury mushroom sandwich (56k no) by megaburt
Spatchcocked Chicken Bar BQ style by Agent 86
Fire-roasted tomatillo salsa [56K get burned] by BabyArm
Bet you never had a Grilled Cheese like this before (56k no) by Crackatastic
The Hot Dog Rollup, Outdone? by Prometheus
From the easy impressive file: Panko Pork [900KB images] by CapnBry
Tiramisu by criscodisco
Easy Pesto! by Jefreywith1f
Brined, barbequed chicken a moron could make. by Cthuluburger
Hungry? Let's stuff some peppers! [56k no] by Smackbilly
Infernal Yankee Carpetbagger Chili by sean10mm
PipeRifle's Moderately Modified Mushroom Meatloaf by PipeRifle
Pork Sausage Cabbage Roll-Ups by Accipiter
Best Sandwich ever [56k no] by Dark Helmet
Hot weather, cool food: BBQ Chicken Salad (56k ok, maybe) by Crackatastic
Zesty Shrimp with Pasta (56k no) by Vorbis
Johnny Gattuso's Baked Ziti You Can't Refuse [56k no] by agentseven
Shaker's Fuckton Pasta (56k no) by shakerpenguin
Creamy scallop lasagna with focaccia by DrunkenSuprHero
Freedom Toast. You call it French Toast? Why do you hate freedom? by NosmoKing
Near-perfect milkshake (56k no) by Arby-
Let's make vegetarian Couscous Salad! (56k no) by lollipopgestapo
Easiest pizza dough EVER!! Breadmaker pizza dough. by NosmoKing
Uncle Jessie's Fried Rice (56k no) by Maize
Chicken in a Lemon-Wine Suprême Sauce by GodsMullet
Open-Faced Roast Beef & Asiago Sandwiches [56k no] by eller
Gothalicious With Cheese by Mr Viper
Guacamole! [56k no] by MSG President
Extreme scrambled eggs. by euGee
Hot Dog Roll-Up: The Post-Apocalyptic BBQ Breakfast Edition (56k no) by mooflyfoof
Sirloin Tips in Mushroom Cabernet Sauce [56k no] by MsJoelBoxer
Slow-cooked Roast Thing by Accipiter
Chicken Tetrazzini (56k do the chicken dance) by shakerpenguin
Crab stuffed Salmon (56K no) by Tai-Pan
Brew your own hobo-jug-wine! by Arson Equity
Grilled cheese hot dog sandwhiches by Goldstein
Hot Corn Dip for friends by criscodisco
pookrat makes Cheap and Easy Sausage Cajun Creole!!! (pic heavy) by pookrat
Grilled Cheese and Carrot Sandwiches [56k no] by ih8ualot
Poppy doesn't make lemon bars [56k no] by sdf3boy
Hand made pizza from scratch! by rhyme
Tempura beer based batter - it's tasty and not really heathly too by rhyme
I smoked meat all day and it was awesome. (56k no) by Cthuluburger
Constructing a date-pecan pie (56k no) by efgkt
Tequila Steak. Two great tastes that taste great together! by InediblePenguin
The world's BEST club sandwich. by Koshka
Honey glazed lamb fillets (56k broiled) by Camrath
Potato and Vegetable Frittata [56k no] by Strict 9
I will give you and your friends heart disease now. by ChlamydiaJones
Homage to GBSfood, and my addition: not an ordinary casserole [56k nada] by Crackatastic
S for Steak (56K no) by Og Oggilby
Sautee some Shrooms [56k no] by bblaze
Taco dip of the Gods [56k no] by Gewehr 43
Let's bake some Wookie Cookies! [56k eats tuskan raider taters] by Blackbelt Bobman
poppy makes stuffed peppers by poppymouse
Insultingly easy egg+bagel+cheese sandwich by DelvarWorld
poppy's pretty cookies by poppymouse
Chocolate Babka by criscodisco
Fried Shrimp Wontons from scratch (29 pictures) by scholzie
poppy makes potstickers by poppymouse
The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies [56k come too, but you'll have to wait] by struan87
Let's make simple bachelor pasta! (56k no) by megaburt
Ramen Cookies! [56k no] by Graviolies
Tiramisu from mars [56k no] by mars
An amazingly simple cheesecake recipe! [56k no] by LD1984
Cookin time with Linux Assassin 2: Lamb curry (56k no) by Linux Assassin
Easy wild blackberry pie (56k no) by Cerebral Mayhem
12 egg omelette meal for one! [56k no] by easyjo
Teriyaki Pork & Vegetable Stir Fry with Fried Rice by Prowler
Spicy Beef-topped Mushroom Caps and Tossed Penne with Sun-Dried Tomatoes by Accipiter
Random Chinese Duck and Noodle Stir Fry by iMop
Banana Bread by Action Jacktion
Down South we call it whoop-juice [56K spiked] by Sir Swass
Fantastic Side Dishes: Risotto by Serfer
Hey! Let's make some Strawberry Rhubarb Pie...shitheads! by Kekeke!
Beef Fajitas! [56k no] by Sucaballuc
Grandma's Homemade Chicken Soup [56k no] by urbster1
Pork Char Siu - Cantonese Style Roasted Pork by Jagtpanther
Let's make Okonomiyaki, also known as Japanese pizza! (56k no) by Box Dog
Late night pizza party- Anarcho-Pie! by Arson Equity
Orange-Glazed Steak with Roasted Cauliflower and Sauteéd Green Beans by Accipiter
Make motherfucking garlic butter mussels (56K no) by Box Dog
Sweet and sour pork (56k no) by Fiendish Ghoul
Scallops in garlic butter served with rice and dessert [56k no] by KhanadaRhodes
Flan with roasted pears by criscodisco
Racks of Pork Ribs by sdot
Making Lefse (56k no) by Antimeria
Let's make steak in puff pastry and natillas [56k no] by The Linux Fairy
Yummy Cheese and Spinach Manicotti (56kno) by poppymouse
BBQ Rat with Lime Jalepeno Sauce by MonkeyPirate
Beef Chili of the Gods by Shaunboyland
Easy three cheese baked ziti [56k no] by Mahnkiman
Mac and Cheese with Chicken and Broccoli by DamienChilde
Lets Make Latkes [56k no] by itismejs
Good Eats! Shrimp Ramen Pouch! by StrikerObi
Cajun Fettucini Alfredo w/ Optional Shrimp [56K Eats Ramen] by John Matrix
Banana Bread [56k No] by calandryll
Shit nuggets -- making them can't be easier (no 56k) by pigdog
Let's make awesome carne asada and bonus guacamole! (56k no) by kiteless
I made some sort of pasta-type stuff. by Hey, Zeus!
The hot dog rollup isn't that filling. (56k no) by hawk989s
clownshoe makes some awesome pizza. (56k no) by clownshoe
Homemade salsa with fire-roasted chiles and tomatoes by DrunkenSuprHero
The great rock candy experiment (56k no) by Muffdiver
Sweet Rubbed Swordfish! (56k...seriously who still has this) by plissken
Peanut Butter Cookies with 3 Ingredients [56k no] by calandryll
Rich Chocolate Brownies with Strawberry-Jelly [56k no] by Nagelfar
Fuck me, I'm brilliant: SALAD BAR SOUP [56k no] by TheRedEye
Banana experiment: now with more scalding oil [img heavy] by Fremry
Vegetarian Black Bean Chili by h_double
Peanut Curry Chicken with Rice and Potatos! by Masokissed
Salisbury Style Steak with Beefy Mushroom Gravy [56k delivery] by Accipiter
Cheesecake! by Turmoil
Red Beans and Rice [56K no] by Flakbait
GoonCon Chicken and Sausage Gumbo (56K gets the runs) by ClownSuitCowboy
Hot hot sugar cookie action!!! by Pantalaimon
Bread and Butter Pudding [56k - cmon in - 250k total] by olblue
Cookies and Cream Mini-Cakes [56k no] by Fatal
Beer Bratwursts, with real beer! [56k no] by Fatal
Hangover cure heart failure breakfast bonanza by Tom D
Mushroom Quesadillas [56k no] by diabolik
marinated portobello mushroom burgers! [veggie] 56k no by trufflepig
Cookin time with Linux Assassin: 3 dishes [56k no] by Linux Assassin
Boatmeal Raisin Cookies (56k Abandon Ship!) by damnhooligan
A History of American Race Relations and Hello Dollie Bars [56k Oppressed] by mofolotopo
It's Meatloaf! Oh, and roasted basil potatoes. [56k Meat Loaf] by Accipiter
Cheesy Margarita Chicken [56k - cuidado] by DeusExMachina
How to cook a large mammal [56k no] by Gaul
Lemongrass Pork with Vegetables and Noodles by cherryspecial
Thai coconut-curried salmon with greens (56k images) by RepoRebo
Chicken with Mushrooms, Peas, and Onions (thumbnails ahoy) by rojay
Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza [56k: worth the wait] by horseblow.avi
Let's cook Drunken Noodles! (56k eats cereal) by kiteless
Cheddar bread [insert witty 56k warning here] by nocturna
Revenge of the Grill: Citrus Glazed Chicken [56k: charred] by Wafer
Mediterranean-style marinated chicken [56k eat KFC] by MadMax
Hot Chocolate Soufflé (56k deflates) by damnhooligan
Kai Si Ming by KiwiBoi
Latkes: Potato Pancaked [56k no] by DeusExMachina
Meatloaf Roll [56k no] by mysticp
Baked pork tenderloin with bacon, onions and potatoes by `Nemesis
Crêpes! [56k au revoir] by fy8725
Stilton Sauce for your steak [56k no] by mysticp
Grilled Parmesan Salmon by FuzzyBuddha
Italian style chicken salad and garlic bread. by Mr. Bonky
Dead Simple Salsa by tdicola
Golubki (Polish Cabbage Rolls) [56k no] by GodsMullet
Banana Chicken! [56k gets monkeys] by mysticp
Simple Egg/Rice Stir-Fry [56k=Cracked] by Meruh
Orange-Chocolate Cheesecake [56k no] by GodsMullet
Homemade "Veggie" Fried Rice [56k washes the dishes] by AlwaysaNewName
Marinated Peppered Steak w/ Mushrooms and Onions [56k TV Dinner] by Accipiter
Gigantic mushroom swiss stuffed monster burgers [56k no] by ThrowedOff
Delicious pork tamales [56k eats Taco Bell] by mofolotopo
An illustrated guide to perfect bbq ribs. [56k: lots of pics] by chryst
Making an omlete by GodsMullet
Lamb Cutlets [56k fluffy little white lamb] by mysticp
Sticky Toffee Pudding [56k unstuck] by mysticp
Spicy sausage and bacon with curry couscous! (56k nein) by Capt. Disturbing
Rendiew's Random Recipe - Roo. by Rendiew
Lobster, Shrimp, and Wild Mushrooms in a Rosemary Veloute Sauce [56k no] by GodsMullet
Basic Rectangle Pizza (56k too basic) by ginger pubes
The Hot-Dog-Rollup (56k cardiac arrest) by Plinkey
Grillin Time! Honey Soy Chicken by Wafer
Ball State Chocolate Obscenity [56k needs insulin] by oiseaujaune
Hey fuckers, lets make some A1 burgers. Bitches. by Silver
Sir Robin's Chocolate Cookies by doctor_god
No-Peek Beef Stew by doctor_god
Pork Chops by doctor_god
Making Thai chicken pizza at home, for you and me [56k get delivery] by Insparkle
Fried Rice in 15 Minutes! (56k Takes Much Longer) by _Liquid_Flame_
Lets make Pork Chops with Rice and Tomatoes! [56k simmer] by Rorek
How to make Smorz cereal treatz by anusaurus
A Mighty Breakfast! by Wasabi
Toasty Bread Goodies of Tastiness by usmctechie
PeepShow: Tasty dessert & cheap entertainment for the poor man by VeryVito
Mustard seasoned chicken pasta by FlipMo
How to make Skor Bars! by Master Ninja
Easy Classic-Style Spaghetti and Meat Sauce by Accipiter
Another cooking thread: Ninja Ramen! by lord
Scrambled eggs, it's what's for breakfast. by FlipMo
Cooking with Jp: Chicken Pad Thai/One step Vegetarian Alternative Version by Jpfan01
Dinner time! Hungryjack's OMGWTFBBQ Chicken w/ Strongbow by Hungryjack
How to make Deep Fried Mars Bars by Yossarko
Oyakodon by GodsMullet
Japanese Style Pizza by GodsMullet
Gyoza by GodsMullet
Beef and red onion chirashi zushi by GodsMullet
A sort of spaghetti carbonara by Irn-Bru
Chicken Cordon Bleu & Mashed Potatoes by doctor_god
Lasagna & Garlic Bread by doctor_god
Roundsteak and Rice by doctor_god
Let's make Parmesan-gratinated potatoes! by FlipMo
Another Cooking Thread - Turkey Fajitas by Unlikely
Let's make Bundas kenyer by WARnold
Poaching the Fish by Wafer
Accipiter's Marinated Chicken Breasts by Accipiter
Food for Idiots: Making awesome chicken and pasta by dunkman
Chocolate Chip Cookies by doctor_god
Making Chili, with photos! by NuclearFusi0n
A souper experiment by sink the biz
Home made hot sauce by Gwamp
Cooking a steak... the CORRECT way! by Accipiter
Dessert Nachos by Mayor Wilkins
New House and Chicken Carbonara by Wizzle
Street Food! Mysore Masala Dosa with cheese by vahishta
40 Clove Garlic Chicken by genesplicer
Chicken in Garlic and Shallots by isochronous
"Braised" lamb with pasta and vegetables. by jollygrinch
Pad Thai, a play in three parts. by Schpyder
Choose Your Own Cooking Adventure-Coconut Tofu Or Shrimp by derMoerder
The Ham-filled Pineapple. An exercise in deliciousness. by stuph
fon-DUE it by ananas
Pasta Al Sugo Di Salcisse (pasta with sausage sauce) by Turkish
Another cooking thread, steak this time by criscodisco
Peanut Butter Temptations by genesplicer
Two enemies collide, and cake is born by Idimmu
Easy guacamole by NosmoKing
Lemon Pepper Chicken with Rice by Accipiter
Pork with Blackberry Gastrique and Mango Salsa by criscodisco
Cooking Chicken Kiev by UselessProgress
Blueberry oat muffins! by BeanBandit
I just made breakfast for GBS! by RealDealNamowicz
Aglio, olio, e peperoncino by compressioncut
Baking lower-fat cookies by purity control
Steak by Hey, Zeus!
I made some delicious trout by Hey, Zeus!
How to make Sushi and Japanese cuisine by GodsMullet
Tuna and Pasta bake by KiwiBoi
Goatse Cookies! by Radiator_Lady
Fried Chicken, Honey Mustard by kurivaim
Pesto Cream Rotini with Asparagus by Fistgrrl
This time I made chilli by mysticp
So you want to make a tasty cheesecake? by Alita
Spicy Ranch Turkey Green Pepper Pita Pocket by meteorite
Turducken by SirRobin
Gourmet Open Steak Sandwiches by Red Queen
Beans on Toast by shep
Lemon Chicken in Cream Sauce by Accipiter
Delicious Curried Spinach and Potato by Feather
Cooking a curry by mysticp
You wanna getta spaghetti by cadwldr
Chipotle Pesto Pasta by Fistgrrl
Moroccan chicken with cous cous by tactical_grace
Cooking an egg in the dishwasher by InediblePenguin
A roast fit for a king by lofidelity
Spaghetti alla Napoleon! by Col.Kiwi
Slow-cooked smoked pork by CapnBry
Cooking pepper steak for fun and consumption by Pontifex
Step-by-Step Vegetable Curry! by Jagtpanther
Scallops are the chicken nuggets of the sea by Mr. Ferret
How to fuck a baking cheesecake by Syrinxx
Curry Beef with Onions & Roasted Potatoes by Accipiter
Fettuccini Alfredo by CapnBry
Lazy Noodles by Bosko

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