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An entrant in the Iron Chef:Something Awful competition.
Thai Chilli Pepper Beef by fargelsnarf
Yee-haw! It's time for a chili thread! Vegetarian option available. by Eronarn
Autumn Comfort Food: Lasagna [56k Garfield Get Out!] by eller
Vegetables, Meat, and mashed squash medley. by PeaceLandAndHed
Traditional Meat and Potato pie. by AceClown
Chili Dogs. YUM! by Rok
Rabo de Toro by Schlafsack
Wiener Schnitzel with German Red Cabbage by Accipiter
Pierogi! Fun for the whole family. [So image heavy] by munki
Italian-style fried rice by orborborb
Bistecca Bruschetta by Ahh Yes
Shaker's with bonus Nachos! by shakerpenguin
Cornish Pastie - oooaaar! (56K pics) by KiwiBoi
Blueberry Burger by Mr. Sebastian
Barbecue Beef Brisket [35 thumbnails] by RandyF
Spiced Beef Pitas with Onions and Parsley Sauce by Accipiter
Asian-Style Honey Vegetable Stir Fry, with girlfriend forced labor! 56K no by loosenukes
The Hot Dog Rollup, Outdone? by Prometheus
Hungry? Let's stuff some peppers! [56k no] by Smackbilly
Infernal Yankee Carpetbagger Chili by sean10mm
PipeRifle's Moderately Modified Mushroom Meatloaf by PipeRifle
Open-Faced Roast Beef & Asiago Sandwiches [56k no] by eller
Hot Dog Roll-Up: The Post-Apocalyptic BBQ Breakfast Edition (56k no) by mooflyfoof
Sirloin Tips in Mushroom Cabernet Sauce [56k no] by MsJoelBoxer
Slow-cooked Roast Thing by Accipiter
I smoked meat all day and it was awesome. (56k no) by Cthuluburger
Tequila Steak. Two great tastes that taste great together! by InediblePenguin
S for Steak (56K no) by Og Oggilby
Taco dip of the Gods [56k no] by Gewehr 43
Spicy Beef-topped Mushroom Caps and Tossed Penne with Sun-Dried Tomatoes by Accipiter
Beef Fajitas! [56k no] by Sucaballuc
Orange-Glazed Steak with Roasted Cauliflower and SauteÚd Green Beans by Accipiter
Let's make steak in puff pastry and natillas [56k no] by The Linux Fairy
Beef Chili of the Gods by Shaunboyland
Easy three cheese baked ziti [56k no] by Mahnkiman
Let's make awesome carne asada and bonus guacamole! (56k no) by kiteless
The hot dog rollup isn't that filling. (56k no) by hawk989s
Salisbury Style Steak with Beefy Mushroom Gravy [56k delivery] by Accipiter
Cookin time with Linux Assassin: 3 dishes [56k no] by Linux Assassin
It's Meatloaf! Oh, and roasted basil potatoes. [56k Meat Loaf] by Accipiter
Kai Si Ming by KiwiBoi
Meatloaf Roll [56k no] by mysticp
Stilton Sauce for your steak [56k no] by mysticp
Golubki (Polish Cabbage Rolls) [56k no] by GodsMullet
Marinated Peppered Steak w/ Mushrooms and Onions [56k TV Dinner] by Accipiter
Gigantic mushroom swiss stuffed monster burgers [56k no] by ThrowedOff
The Hot-Dog-Rollup (56k cardiac arrest) by Plinkey
Hey fuckers, lets make some A1 burgers. Bitches. by Silver
No-Peek Beef Stew by doctor_god
Easy Classic-Style Spaghetti and Meat Sauce by Accipiter
Beef and red onion chirashi zushi by GodsMullet
Lasagna & Garlic Bread by doctor_god
Roundsteak and Rice by doctor_god
Making Chili, with photos! by NuclearFusi0n
Cooking a steak... the CORRECT way! by Accipiter
Another cooking thread, steak this time by criscodisco
Steak by Hey, Zeus!
This time I made chilli by mysticp
Gourmet Open Steak Sandwiches by Red Queen
You wanna getta spaghetti by cadwldr
A roast fit for a king by lofidelity
Cooking pepper steak for fun and consumption by Pontifex
Curry Beef with Onions & Roasted Potatoes by Accipiter

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